Where to eat for vegetarian / vegan in Osaka ??

Japan is famous for its culinary culture and  it seems Japan has a various type of food and you  have a plenty of choices. However, people who have some type of diet find it difficult to find where to eat. Vegetarian is one of them. 

Japanese people love vegetables but you rarely meet Japanese vegetarians. There are a lot of vegetable dishes in many restaurants, but it’s flavored with dashi, which is made of fish soup stock, so even though some dish looks like vegetarian food it includes some fish essence frequently. 

Osaka is a famous among foodies and restaurants and cafes are very competitive. And now some cafes started serving vegetarian food as more vegetarian travelers are visiting Osaka nowadays. 

So for those who are looking for vegetarian food, here below is the tips where to enjoy your meal. Some of them are a genuine vegan-vegetarian restaurants, while the others serve meat/fish dishes as well so that your non-veg friends/partner can find something they like.



Paprica Shokudo Vegan. (Yotsubashi, Shinsaibashi area)

This authentic vegan cafe offers tasty menu without meat, fish, eggs, dairy products nor chemical additives, based on the idea of vegan as well as macrobiotic and raw food. 

Even some Gokun (one buddhism diet idea) menu is available here if you request.

The variety of menu should make you come back to this place again and again while staying in Osaka.

The area is just beside Shinsaibashi, so the access is also pretty good during sightseeing.

You also have a chance to buy some natural food, seasoning and organic vegetables there. 



Meguri Meshi Megumi. (Minami-morimachi area)

Source : Instagram@autumnstar39128


Vegan and gluten free restaurant in Minarmi-Morimachi. 

They get brown rice and vegetables from contracted farmers, and even sugar is not used but still you taste the sweetness from the ingredients. 

Oriental vegetarian menu is also available, so this is for any vegetarian or natural diet lovers. 

Lunch is available only booked in advance. Booking is not necessary for dinner but better to do just in case. If you have any specific diet, you can mention it when booking. 

They don’t use microwave and cook from everything in the kitchen, so just wait relaxed and healthily until the food gets ready. 



AJU (Ogimachi/ Nakazakicho area)

When we talk about a vegan cafe, this cafe comes on the top list in Osaka. 

Recently they have started some meat menu but still the variety of the vegan/vegetarian menu attract many vegan/vegetarian people living in Kansai and travelers staying in Osaka.

Here sometimes it’s only the owner who works there so it might take time to be served. The cafe has an English menu and Chinese menu. 

It’s located in Nakazakicho area, which is just a couple of kilometers away from Umeda, and exploring other small cafes and shops dotted here and there is something fun to do after/before visiting the vegetarian cafe.



Chabuton (Umeda area)

Source : Instagram@vegan_ecoeriko


Most of the ramen is made with meat or fish broth, but this ramen restaurant offers vegetarian ramen, too ! 

You would be delighted with the tasty soup made from only vegetables.

And vege gyoza is another menu you can’t miss.

Source : Instagram@vegan_ecoeriko


The restaurant is located in a shopping mall called LINKS, just beside Osaka/Umeda station (connected to Yodobashi Camera). One of the branches is located in Yodobashi Camera at Kyoto station as well.




Ka-you (Umeda area)

When you feel like having unlimited fresh vegetables in Umeda, this restaurant is the right place for you.

More than 100 types of fresh vegetables and a plenty of fresh foods are everyday transported directly from Shiga prefecture, 1-2 hours from Osaka. When you order a set lunch or dinner course, unlimited fresh salad come together (you can just ask another plate of salad when you want). 

They don’t have a vegan menu but vegetarian menu, and because of the variety of local foods they offer, you might find some vegetables you’ve never seen in your country (but the taste is something they always promise).

They have 2 restaurants in Chayamchi district in Umeda (totally 4 in Umeda district actually), so when one of them is too busy, try the other one as they’re just a few hundred meters away from each other.


Gen-mi-an (Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Tennoji area)

The speciality of the cafe is brown rice, which has a richness of nutrition, and vegetables most of which are organic or less pesticide. Meet, fish and seasonings are also selected in consideration with health and safety. 

They have usually a vegetarian menu (Ask if they offer a vegan menu as well). Most of the set menu offers unlimited brown rice. 

They have 5 branches in Osaka; 2 in Umeda, 1 each in Yodoyabashi, Shinsaibashi, Tennoji, so when you explore the main parts of Osaka, you can stop by at one of them.


Green Earth (Hommachi area)

Source : Instagram@pooh_fanu


One of the oldest vegan cafe in Osaka.

Not only the rice set lunch, but also pasta, sandwiches, curry and pizza is available.

They have a lot of options for desserts, too.  

They also accept a big party (up to 45 people), and if you book there in advance, they’ll wait for you with course food.  



There are more vegetarian restaurants than above but these are located in the center of Osaka city and you can find one of them nearby when you travel in the city. 

Vegetarian / Vegan foods are still minority in Japan but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a good restaurant for that. Japanese people are proud of their food culture and skills of cooking good meal, including vegetarian diet.

So enjoy traveling in Osaka with tasty food which you love.




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