Nodate : Enjoy Easy Tea Ceremony Picnic !

What’s Nodate ??

When you hear word “tea ceremony”, you maybe think it’s something solemn and you have to sit in an authentic Japanese room while a host makes a cup of tea for you. 


But there is an outdoor style of tea ceremony, called “nodate (野点 in Japanese letters means making tea in a field), which you enjoy matcha while sitting outside, and you can do that in a relaxing way.

In the old days people used to have tea outside on a warm cozy day with beautiful seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in autumn. 

For samurai people (mostly landlords), nodate was one of the ways to have a break when they went on expedition or hunting to a mountain. 


What you need for Nodate 

What you need for nodate is also much more simple than normal tea ceremony. 

  1. Tea bowl
  2. Tea whisk 
  3. Tea spoon 
  4. Matcha (green tea powder) : Make sure it’s filtered into fine powder without lump before taking it out. Lump matcha can’t be thoroughly melt in water so easily. 
  5. Hot water : You can keep it in a thermos bottle.
  6. Sweets : Well, this is what you can’t miss. Bitter matcha makes you want something sweet.
  7. Picnic sheet

How to enjoy Nodate 

A venue for nodate is anywhere you like, a park nearby, when you go hiking etc… Just find any flat field so that you can spread your picnic sheet and set everything on it stably.


Skip those complicating process to make tea but put some (at usual tea ceremony 1.5 tea spoon )matcha powder in a tea bowl and hot water (about 70 ml) and beat them up. What is important for nodate is enjoy the outdoor atmosphere relaxingly.


Instead of coffee, how about having matcha outside sometimes ? 

You must like this nodate style ! 



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