Mt. Katsuragi ~ Pampas grass mountain beside Osaka

Autumn is one of the best seasons to travel in Japan as the weather is mild and the autumn leaves are coloring all through the country. 


Besides autumn leaves pampas grass field are attracting to people in this season, and in Tokyo area, Sengokuhara of Hakone is really famous. 

But also when you travel around Osaka, you have a chance to see beautiful pampas grass field and Mt. Katsuragi is the place for that ! 



Mt. Katsuragi is a mountain between Osaka and Nara prefecture. 

There are some hiking access to the peak from both Osaka and Nara. 

From Osaka, a bus goes from Tondabayashi station on Kintetsu line to Katsuragi Tozanguchi , and from the bus stop it’s about 1.5 – 2 hours hike to the peak. 

From Nara side, catch a bus from Gose station on Kintetsu line to Katsuragi Ropeway (In Japan ropeway means a cable car).  If you go hiking up to the peak, it takes about 2 hours. 

The hiking course is for intermediate level, so if you’re not ready for a big exercise, the cable car is recommended. It’s just 6 minute sky trip to the peak station!


Where to find the pampas grass field there ?

From the peak station to the pampas grass field, it’s about 15 minutes walk. Partly it’s a concrete road and even kids can walk easily though the slope can be a bit steep.

The peak point is the pampas field and if the weather is good you can see a great view of not only Osaka and Nara but also Kobe and Shikoku island !

There are a couple of rest places on the peak and vending machines are also equipped but taking some water is recommended. Also the peak can be much colder and windier so warm outer clothes are necessary just in case !

Around the ropeway bottom station, there are a couple of historical temples and shrines for some more excursion, and an ice cream shop called Latte Takamastu offers various flavors of ice cream made from local ingredients (about 20 minutes walk from the ropeway station).


If you want to have a small excursion from Osaka or Nara, or even Kyoto, to see a beautiful autumn mountain view, Mt. Katsuragi is an ideal place for that ! 



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