Ine no Funaya – a peaceful fishing village –

Japanese people have lived with the bliss of sea, and fish and seafood are essence of our lives. 

There are a lot of fisherman villages in Japan and Ine is one of the good examples to see how their lives are connected with sea.

 You can see the same style of houses in other fisherman villages as well, but Ine has the widest scenery of these fishermen houses.

Along the coast, you’ll see over 200 houses lining with a boat station each. Actually their main residences are across the street behind the houses. If you want to see the scenery from the seaside, either you can take a ferry cruise (25 minutes) or hire a boat taxi.

Nowadays there are less young people who want to work as fishermen anymore and less people who live in the town. But people who love to live there have renovated a part of the houses into guest houses, most of which offer dinner and breakfast with fresh and tasty seafood. 

And some other houses are renovated into cafes and they’re really next to the coast…!



You don’t have a sweet tooth ??

Don’t worry, they have one old sake (rice wine) brewery, which is the closest to the coast in Japan (zero meter to the coast!).



Besides some normal type of sake, this Mukai brewery uses ancient type of rice called “kodaimai”, and as the rice is dark red, the sake gets rose wine color (and the taste as well).

They offer sake tasting and you can find your favorite one which goes well with fish or whatever.




If you look for some local snack, galettes made from local soba (buckwheat) is must try. Galette itself is not Japanese food,  but most of the ingredients are local stuff, including deer sausage. 


To explore the town, cycling is also a cool way.

In summer, kayaking is an exciting activity, to explore some nice caves near the town. 


How to get there : from Osaka and Kyoto, take a express train “Hashidate” to Amano Hashidate or Miyazu station (2 – 2.5 hours). Then catch a bus to Ine cho (about 1 hour).

It’s also nice to stay in Amano Hashidate area as well, which is famous for a beautiful sandbar covered with pine trees.



The north coast of Kyoto is really quiet, totally different from Osaka city and Kyoto city. So if you want to get away from the bustle of big cities, why not have a cozy trip to Ine town ??



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