Manga Class in Tenjinbashi – Best thing to do in Osaka for anime fans-

Japan is famous for manga and anime.

Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, those well-known cartoons are all born in here. And you may always read or watch those lively characters at home. Some who are really fascinated with them may even rush to buy the related goods in Akihabara (Tokyo) and in Nipponbashi (Osaka).


But how about drawing them by yourself ?


Things to do in Osaka are countless for anime fans, but apart from buying figures or stickers, learning how to draw a nice picture of your favorite character might be a unique option.

We have a professional illustrator Ms Akari to teach you how to draw this nicely step by step.


Our class usually is held around the Tenjinbashi, which is completely near the city centre of Osaka. So if you feel interested, why don’t you just walk for a few minutes and take the little class?


Our class usually lasts around 1-2 hours, and it consists of 3 parts.


The first part is the drafting.


Students may follow teacher’s instructions and gently draw all the outlines.


The second part is the lining.



Students may carefully cover all the draft with a black marker pen.



Finally, students may color their own character.


And student will receive a original portrait by Ms Akari at the end of the class.



Don’t hesitate to join our class even though you never did this kind of thing before, because Ms Akari will gently teach you all the tips you need for a good drawing.

In fact, our class is popular for both children and adults.

The only thing you need for this class is passion and concentration. Also, you may tell us what you want to draw before the class, so that Ms Akari could prepare some samples for you.



What is the best thing to do in Osaka for you?

For all those who are interested to have a new approach to manga or anime or simply want to spend some time for drawing here, this class must be a great option which will make your journey more fruitful.


Click here to see the detail of  manga lesson !

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