Make Takoyaki at a Takoyaki Stand !

If you’re a foodie traveler, takoyaki (octopus balls) is what you can’t miss when traveling in Osaka. 

You don’t need to make a big effort to find a takoyaki stand, since they’re everywhere in the town. 

(Until about 10 years ago there used to be more takoyaki stands than convenience stores in Osaka actually). 

Some of you must be curious how people working there turn the balls so quickly to make thousands of balls everyday. And if you love to cook, you must feel like trying making at your home as well.


While some restaurants offer DIY takoyaki menu, there are not so many takoyaki stands where the owner allows you to make takoyaki at the kitchen.  But don’t you think it would be cool to learn how to make it with the owner’s lecture ??


So here is such a generous takoyaki stand and owner, Sugi san. He offers an activity which gives you a chance to learn making takoyaki at his stand kitchen as if you work at a takoyaki stand !



First you make batter, instructed by the master. Basically it’s simple but don’t miss his tips to make it better !! 

Then cook it on a plate. 

Compared to a home cooking takoyaki plates, a professional one is much bigger to make more number of balls at one time so the speed is definitely required. 

Pour the batter, spread all the ingredients including pieces of octopus, turn the balls with a certain temperature of heat. You must do these process without making any black balls….!


Oh but don’t be so serious, after a few rounds, you’ll get used to making the balls with some speed and beautiful sphere shape !!

You can try making it until you get satisfied.

 And when you finish cooking, it’s time for topping and eating !

Besides the basic sauce, there are a plenty of toppings and you’ll find your favorite flavor !



Good job !! 


Looking forward to having your original takoyaki in your home country next time !!!

Join the activity : Takoyaki-Making at a Takoyaki Stand

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