Cherry Blossom 1 Day Tour in Kyoto -Wheelchair Users Available –

This year the cherry blossoms came to Japan earlier than many local people expected.
As they bloom only a couples of week (depending on
weather though), you need some good luck to see the full blooming blossoms.



When the blossoms are blooming, you don’t need a big effort find them, as the lovely flowers are planted everywhere in the country.
Still some places are really awesome to see the blossoms and Kyoto has some really nice spots for that. 

Oh but you don’t want to miss some other highlights while traveling there ??

The following trip is what I had for guiding a family last week. And we had a lady who needed a wheelchair this time so I chose the places where wheelchair users can enjoy (which means baby strollers are also available).


1. Arashiyama 

This area is famous for the bamboo forest mostly, but you shouldn’t miss Togetsukyo Bridge area , which has a marvelous cherry blossoms point on the riverside and the mountains decorated in pale pink spots here and there. Don’t be lazy to cross the river from the main side to enjoy the lovely blossoms !

This time we had to skip Tenryuji temple which has a beautiful garden with a line of weeping cherry blossoms, because some steps make wheelchairs hard to go through the garden. Otherwise you can visit the temple garden and the other exit leads to the bamboo forest.

The slope of the bamboo forest should be too hard for a manual wheelchair, but still you can take a cool photos with the grove covered with green bamboo and a little light coming in there.


2. Golden Pavilion

This temple is never famous for cherry blossoms,  but we came here because we didn’t want to miss a highlight of Kyoto, which is one of the world heritage site.

It’s impossible to go around the whole temple by wheelchair but still you can enjoy the splendid Golden Pavilion reflected on the pond (then you can return to the entrance, which allows only wheelchair users, otherwise you must go to the other exit).

In case you want to enjoy another world heritage temple nearby, I recommend Ryoanji temple, which is famous for dry sand garden. The blossoms around the pond would be really beautiful there.


3. Hirano shrine 

Just in walking distance from the Golden Pavilion, there is a must visit place to see cherry blossoms.

This Hirano Shrine is not focused when traveling in the other seasons but this shrine has a high renown for splendid cherry blossoms everywhere.

On the way to the main hall you can get some food and might see some local people enjoy picnic under the blossoms.


4. Philosopher’s walk

This is not a shrine nor temple, but it’s worth visiting to just walk along the path, lined with cherry blossoms for a couple of kilometers.

Here even after the peak season is over, you’ll have a chance to see a lovely scenery of the river filled with pale pink petals flowing all the way.

Also along the path there a plenty shops selling lovely souvenirs and galleries you might want to stop by.

If you have time left, visit the Silver Pavilion which is also registered in world heritage. The temple is also beautiful with Japanese Zen garden though it’s never covered with silver leaf … !


5. Gion

 Among Gion area, which is famous for a geisha district, Shirakawa district fascinates you with traditional townhouses, stone paving streets, a small river, willows and cherry blossoms.

If you go there around 6 pm, you might have a chance to see a geisha walking to a restaurant for work. 


We finished the tour here but if you can stay here in Kyoto, walk to Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park, which has an enormous weeping cherry blossoms, or any temples with light up service (Heian Jingu Shrine has a evening concert surrounded by cherry blossoms).

Maybe it’s not too late to visit Kyoto even this weekend as there are some areas with late blooming cherry blossoms, especially in mountain areas. Check some cherry blossom information website or Instagram where you can catch up with the beauty !


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