Waterfalls, Fire, and Butterflies in Minoh

Minoh is a city that lies on the edge of Osaka’s great urban sprawl. A half hour journey from Hankyū Umeda will take you to the edge of one of Japan’s oldest natural parks and an area of mountainous terrain, which is not only the perfect spot for catching sight of Japanese macaques, but also boasts a 33-feet meter high waterfall.


The Way to the Waterfall (Taki-no- Michi)


Ryuanji Temple

On the way to the waterfall, you are certain to stumble upon Ryuanji Temple. The alleged founder of Shugen-dō, a form of Japanese ascetic Buddhism, En-no- gyoja, trained at Minoh Waterfall in the 7 th century and the traditions still continue on to this day.

Minoh Park Insectarium

Minoh Park Insectarium

Minoh has also received special recognition as being particularly rich in insects. The variety of specimens that can be encountered throughout the area, and indeed species from across the world, can all be viewed in the Minoh Park Insectarium. Those of you who are not fans of insects (like me), fear not, however, as butterflies are the only insects that are allowed roam free and all others are kept safely behind glass.

The waterfall!!!!!!!!

The waterfall!!!!!!!!

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Minoh’s beloved local mascot!

Taki-no- michi Yuzuru is a yuzu fruit dressed as a samurai with particularly bushy eyebrows. Minoh is famous for its mishō-yuzu. Although it is usual for yuzu cultivators to graft trees, in Minoh the trees are grown from the seed, a process that can take around 18 years.

Other local specialties include:Minoh Beer and deep-fried maple leaves (momiji tempura)!!

Both of which are highly recommended!!

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