Organic Farming at Sumi Farm [10000 JPY]

A visit to Sumi Farm allows you to escape the urban jungle of Osaka and breathe the fresh air of the countryside.

It also provides an opportunity to experience a type of agriculture that is gaining ground in Japan, and indeed around the world. The owner of the farm, Imahori-san, explained to us how it has been possible for him to abandon conventionally-used chemical insecticides and herbicides. He does not consider the insects and weeds his enemies, but rather ‘companions who are tricky to get along with’.

Beautiful rice fields in Nose

In the above picture, Imahora-san is explaining how he judges soil quality. Apparently, the soil in Nose is of a particularly high quality. Of course, fertilizers are still necessary and here they are made by hand using ingredients such as rice husks.

There were sooo many of these cute little frogs (and some big ones too)!

One of our guests was involved in the running of organic farms in the Philippines and so she was able to ask many questions about organic farming in Japan, and in particular about how things are done on Sumi Farm.

Itadakimasu! The day’s menu was fresh cucumbers dipped in miso, two types of eggplants (purple and green) fried simply with tofu and topped with soy sauce and bonito flakes. There were also ripe tomatoes and hand-made onigiri. A perfect end to the tour, some might say.

For those who were wondering, this is what a green eggplant looks like! They’re softer than your usual purple variety and really melt in your mouth.

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