Local Marketplace – Purara Temma

We live incredibly close to Tenjimbashisuji Shotengai in Osaka; also known as the longest shopping arcade in Japan! Today we’re shining the spotlight on an indoor marketplace along the arcade, called Purara Temma. It’s conveniently close to us, and have some of the best produce, and for really cheap prices too! With individual stores that either sell fresh veggies, fish, meat, or even specialty products like pickles and miso (soy bean paste commonly used in Japanese cuisine), this place does not disappoint.



Such a bargain! I got a couple punnets of the ones in the middle. So vibrant and juicy. Ah, summer!!!




Each of those trays of bananas was only 100 yen, so we had to grab those too, of course.



We often get our produce from here when we’re preparing for our cooking classes or house parties. Easy on the wallet and we get to buy in bulk, so it’s a win-win.



A part of the fun of shopping here, is the personal connections you start building with the shopkeepers. Regular supermarkets have their own benefits too, but this place makes you feel (almost) like a true local 😉



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