Shugakuin Imperial Villa in Summer

Shugakuin in Kyoto can be enjoyed throughout the year – beautiful cherry blossoms in springtime, the lush green in summer, the bright red maple trees in fall, and pure white snow in winter. It’s early Summer in Japan at the moment, so we got to enjoy the gorgeous blankets of green spread out over the gardens and the mountains beyond.


The lush green at Shugakuin in Kyoto



It is quite customary of Japanese temples and villas to have a vast garden which often has a pond. Sometimes ponds so large, they should be called lakes instead! These outdoor creations symbolise the paradise, a universe where no pain exists, in Buddhism.



It truly is a breathtaking view, isn’t it? It’s impossible to fret and stress over the little things in life, when surrounded by such incredible scenery.



Nothing other than mountains in the horizon. Ah, that’s the life.



During winter months, you can enjoy the snowy view from rooms like these, which have massive sliding doors called shoji, which can be opened to expose the inside, almost completely to the outside world. The Japanese people have always embraced the idea of living with the nature, and it definitely reflects in architecture like this as well.




We can’t wait to go back again in the fall to see all the green turn into burning reds!

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