How to go to Kansai Airport from Umeda ~Find your best transportation~

If you want to fly out from Kansai area such as Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, etc, Kansai Airport is the only international airport for that.

The airport is located in the south end of Osaka prefecture and it’s not very close to the center of Osaka. 

From Umeda, the north center of Osaka city, you can access to the airport by train, bus or taxi.



From Osaka station, there is a train called “Kanku-Kaisoku (関空快速)going every 15 minutes.

(*** Osaka station is the name of JR station in Umeda and the other railways such as metro, Hankyu Hanshin have stations named with Umeda).

Train fare : 1,190 yen

Duration : 67 minutes

The train service starts around 5 am (in that case you need to transfer at Tennoji station though), and the last train leaves Osaka station at 10:24 pm.

The train leaves from platform 1. 

*** The train consists of 8 cars but YOU MUST GET ON CAR NO.1-4 !!!

Car No.5 -8 will be separated at Hineno station, to never reach the airport but Wakayama city !!! ***

The train goes straight to the airport and it’s often possible to get a seat because many people get off at Osaka station or between Osaka and Tennoji station. There is no express from Osaka station which you can reserve a seat. The limited express called Haruka goes from Shin-Osaka station and Tennoji station but doesn’t stop at Osaka station, and it doesn’t save your time (of course nor money) if you go all the way to those stations from Osaka to take the express. 



Shuttle buses leave from Herbis Plaza (near Hilton West) on the west side of Osaka station and Hotel New Hankyu Bus Terminal on the east of Osaka station. 

You can buy a ticket at the bus terminal. At Herbis Plaza, credit card is available if the counter is open. You can also pay by ICOCA and some other transportation IC card.

It starts from Herbis Plaza and goes via Hotel New Hankyu to reach the airport (Terminal 1 then 2).

It starts from Herbis Plaza and goes via Hotel New Hankyu to reach the airport (Terminal 1 then 2).

Hotel New Hankyu is connect with JR Osaka station by a bridge.

At the Hankyu terminal, the vending machine is just beside the bus stop.

Please note that there are 2 airports in Osaka, “Kansai”and “Itami” and the airport called OSAKA Airport is basically Itami Airport which is for domestic flights. So choose the “KANSAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” and check the bus when you get on it !

Bus fare : 1,550 yen (Return : 2,760 yen)

Between Herbis Plaza to Hotel New Hankyu it takes 12 minutes.

From Hotel New Hankyu to the Terminal 1, it takes 50 minutes,

and you need 11 minutes more to reach Terminal 2.

Bus fare : 1,550 yen (Return : 2,760 yen)

The first bus starts at 3:48 am and the last bus is 9:43 pm from Herbis Plaza. 

It seems the buses don’t go around the midnight, but basically there is no flight between 1 am and 7 am so this time table works enough. 

And if you want to catch an early flight, buses help you a lot to catch up your flight.



MK Taxi offers fixed price for transportation between Kansai Airport and Osaka city

From Umeda to Kansai Airport : 9,500 yen ~

The fare doesn’t include highway toll fee because sometimes they want to change the route. 

The highway fare is 1,300 yen ~.

And the taxi above is for a basic one which can accommodate 4 passengers but the size of the trunk is not so big and if you have a huge suitcase, 2 or 3 people are max. MK taxi have different size of vehicles and you can request different type of car by the number of travelers and luggage.

It costs much more than buses and trains but you don’t need any effort to carry your luggage to the airport. 



Train : Relatively the most reasonable and punctual.

Bus : Recommended for late arrival and early departure.

Taxi : The most costly but easiest by door-to-door.


Find your best transportation by your budget and schedule ! 



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ICOCA – The Best IC Card in Japan (Potentially)



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