Travel in Kyoto with kids

When you travel with your kids, you would wonder what is fun for kids there and how easy to get around the place with them.

Especially if they are still really young, you need a place for changing diapers and would like to bring a stroller. 

Kyoto is one of the most attractive cities in Japan as there are a plenty of historical and cultural sites.  While adults are fascinated by those traditional scenery, what can kids enjoy in the city??


Before you go, check the list below introducing how to enjoy Kyoto both for adults and with your kids, and refer the indexes which helps you to plan your family trip.

*** Stroller accessibility : How much  you can see in the attraction with a stroller

A : You can explore the entire site with your stroller

B : You sometimes need to fold or leave your stroller

C : The ground is partly covered with pebbles or gravel

D : The combination of B&C and a stroller is not really recommended


Kiyomizu temple

Stroller accessibility : B

One of the biggest and oldest temples in Kyoto, where a big temple stage is well known (and it’s just finished restoration in 2020 Feb ). Though some parts have a little steep slopes in the temple and the way to the temple is pretty steep, it’s basically covered with asphalt or stone tiles.

As the nearest bus stop is 700 m away and the station is another 700 m further and it’s all the way up slope, don’t hesitate to take a taxi, especially in hot summer.

You need to leave or fold your stroller to see the inside of the main hall and Jishu shrine (a shrine for love), but otherwise you can be on the temple stage with your stroller and get around the temple most.

Also at one Japanese hair accessary store, Wargo, on Kiyomizuzaka slope, they have a storage service and you can leave your stroller there with 500 yen.

There is a changing station at toilets in the temple, beside the ticket stand and Otowa waterfall.

From the temple to Gion, slopes called Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka are nice to see stores, where many types of souvenirs are sold. Just be careful when you go down as it’s really steep, and also there are some stairs on those slopes.

If you would like to avoid walking too much with kids, Hozu River boat cruise is an option to enjoy the beautiful nature of Arashiyama. 

The boat is a traditional one which was originally used for transporting products but now it’s used for tourist attraction. They use new boats nowadays but the way they row hasn’t changed since 17th century. Some points have rapids but you’ll never be thrown out of the boat, so don’t worry to bring your kids.

The boat trip starts from near JR Kameoka station, and you have 2 choices of trains to get there, JR or Torokko (Sagano scenic railway). It’s better to book a ticket if you take Torokko, which gives you a beautiful panoramic scenery during the journey. 

The boat is a really classic one, and the trip takes about 2 hours without toilet break (depending on the river condition), so get ready for the 2 hours trip at the boat station. 

The end of the trip is Togetsukyo bridge near Arashiyama main street and you will not return to the starting point, so load your stroller on the boat, folding it.  

If you feel 2hours is too long but would like to access to the river, Arashiyama offers a boat rental service near Togetsukyo bridge. 


Ninja dojo

If your kids are 5 years old and  as active as you, why not joining a ninja training lesson ?

Ninja Dojo is a place where you can learn how to swing ninja sword, how to walk as a ninja (nobody would hear you coming close !!) and how to throw shuriken etc,, and kids are allowed to join if one adult join the lesson. 

They also sell many types of ninja items so it’s a good place to find Japanese souvenirs as well (keeping those items in your check-in luggage is recommended  because the custom clearance might take it away even though those tools cannot really cut anything and it’s never dangerous). 

There is no changing station in this place so just go back to Shijo street to find mall buildings called Cocon or Laque if your small babies need a changing space.  


Uzumasa Toei Kyoto Studio Park

This studio park is an actual location where many samurai movies are shot. 

You can rent a kimono here and stroll in the town from samurai era so that you would be able to walk like a real samurai / ninja/ princess. 

The park has a lot of attractions, such as a ninja show with projection mapping, ninja house with a lot of tricks, haunted house, maze house etc, so kids have a lot to do here.

Changing stations are spotted in the park and also a breastfeeding room is equipped near the entrance, so it’s easy to stay in the park with kids for a long time. 



There are numerous places to visit in Kyoto, and it takes a lot of time to move from one site to another. 

And many temples / shrines /gardens are difficult to get around with a stroller as explained above, but sometimes you can find a place to leave  your stroller and basically Japanese people are  kind to help you, especially when you trave l with kids. You still have a chance to see so many attractive scenery in this ancient capital. 

So don’t hesitate but just enjoy your trip ! 



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