Tennoji Park – A Piece of Oasis in the City

We braved in the 36 degrees, 84% humidity to do a casual picnic/outdoor board game session yesterday at Tennoji Park, located conveniently right in front of JR Tennoji Station. Well worth the sweaty endeavour though, just to sit on actual grass for a few hours, when you live in a concrete jungle that is Osaka!


That triangular structure on the far right in the photo below, reminiscent of a certain building in France…is indeed the Tennoji Zoo. 


It’s not the biggest park ever, but it would be nice to have more places like this. I quite liked the electric feel of the night. Bright lights from around the station, the lanterns from cafes and restaurants around the park pouring into the cool, green, grass. Just what the doctor ordered.








That’s a view of the Ohkawa River from Temmabashi Bridge, on my way back home from the park. Most larger rivers like this in the city of Osaka have footpaths on the side, long enough to enjoy a casual stroll and bask in the precious slice of nature and. Ah glorious summer.

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