Arima Onsen

Located in Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture, Arima Onsen is a conveniently located onsen town if you’re planning a quick overnight trip from Osaka.


What a typical room at a ryokan looks like.


And the view of the town!


Sake (nihon-shu) at a tachi-nomi place.


Free foot baths (ashi-yu) for all!



If you are staying at a ryokan, most of the time, you will be treated to a kaiseki dinner. If you have never had kaiseki ryori, which is a traditional Japanese multi-course cuisine, what better way to experience it for the first time, than after a nice hot bath?



And let’s not forget breakfast too! This often has multiple courses as well.






The stone bricks have turned a coppery hue, due to the natural hot spring that contains an abundance of minerals.



I would definitely recommend staying at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) with its own onsen as well, but there are so many bath houses around the town, it would be a shame not to explore as many as you can!


As always, food is a huge part of any trip. From kushi-katsu (fried meat and veggies on skewers) to ice cream made with dairy from Rokko, this place has it all. And don’t forget to try Arima cider too! It’s a heavily carbonated drink, made from the local spring water. For those of us who have a taste for something a bit “stronger”, there’s plenty of tachi-nomi places) (Japanese-style bars without chairs) with amazing sake as well.

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