Local Market Tour & Home Cooking Classes

Local market tour and home cooking class1 Local market tour and home cooking class2

LocationJR Temma station
IncludedMarket tour fee, Cooking class fee, Ingredients
AvailableMonday – Sunday 10:00 ~
Duration3 – 4 hours
115,000 JPN
28,200 JPN

〈About this activity〉

In Japan we have 4 seasons and in each season we can find different fish and vegetables, which makes our food culture varied.

In this tour we’ll explore a local market in Temma, which is just 1 station from JR Osaka, and your guide will explain seasonal Japanese ingredients and we’ll buy what we need for our cooking.

We’ll go to a guesthouse and cook some Japanese food.

The example of the main menus are as following,

Sushi Roll / Okonomiyaki / Yakisoba / Tempura / Sashimi / Karaage / Teriyaki / Ginger-flavored steak / Niku-jaga / Oyako-don / Tonkatsu (Katsu) or katsudon / Sukiyaki / Zuke-don / Saba no Misoni / Gyudon / Takikomi Gohan and so on…

or you can choose one ingredient for the main dish, for example, beef, pork, chicken, fish or tofu…

then the guide will arrange the menu for you.

〈 Here is the basic route of the tour 〉

10:00Meet at JR Temma or Subway Ogimachi station
Walk to the market and buy the ingredients
11:00Arrive at the guesthouse
Start cooking
13:30- 14:00Finish


Takoyaki-Making at a Takoyaki Stand

Takoyaki cooking at a takoyaki stand

LocationMetro Ebisucho station Available
IncludedCooking class fee, Ingredients
AvailableWeekday : 16:30~20:00
Sat. & Sun. 12:00〜20:00
Duration1-2 hours
113,500 JPN
27,000 JPN
35,500 JPN
44,800 JPN
54,400 JPN
6 ~4,000 JPN

<About this activity>

Takoyaki is the most popular streetfood in Osaka.  Takoyaki is a fried octopus ball, which is a “must eat” food when you visit Osaka. In this activity you will not only eat takoyaki, but you also get the chance to make them by yourself at a takoyaki stand.

  1. 1. You’ll see what ingredients we use for takoyaki.
  2. 2. Cook takoytaki at the stand. The most important thing is how to make a beautiful round-shaped takoyaki. The takoyaki master will teach you the tips to make takoyaki. 
  3. 3. Choose some flavors of the takoyaki the stand.
  4. 4. Taste the takoyaki you make.


Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) Making

Wagashi (Japanese sweets) making1 Wagashi (Japanese sweets) making2

LocationMetro/JR Tsuruhashi station
IncludedLesson fee, Ingredients, English guidance
AvailableWeekday : 10:00~17:00
Duration2 hours
133,500 JPN
217,000 JPN
311,500 JPN
48,600 JPN
56,900 JPN
6 ~6,500 JPN

<About this activity>

Let’s try making Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets!

Ingredients are quite simple, mainly rice, adzuki (red) beans and sugar.

But the shapes and ingredients are different in each season and area.

1. Meet at JR Tsuruhashi station and walk to the wagashi factory (10-15minutes).

2. At the factory, a local artisan will show you around the factory, and teach you how to make wagashi.

This time, you can make 2 types of Wagashi.

– Ohagi : a rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour or sesame

– Jou nama gashi : high-grade Japanese fresh confections colorfully made in seasonal shapes and designs

3. Taste the wagashi there with tea or take them back as a souvenir.

**Please eat them by the next day as they can’t stay fresh for too long.

4. Walk back to Tsuruhashi station.